In your face, music snobs. Heavy Metal isn't the most annoying genre out there after all. Turns out, some find "high brow" music to be more irritating.

Metal isn't for everyone and one of the funniest examples of this I can think of goes back to 1989.

That's when American forces invaded Panama while dictator non-grata Manuel Noriega holed up in Panama's Vatican embassy and refused to leave.

So, how'd they get him out?

Well, it didn't take guns and ammo, just Guns 'N Roses ... along with Metallica, AC/DC  and a few others.

All blaring, full volume, at the embassy ... 24/7 ... until Manny caved.

A tactic that sparked a zillion jokes about how "annoying" Heavy Metal is. Well, guess what ... Rose, Hetfield and the Young brothers got nothing on Mozart, Handel and that crew.

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A 7-11 in Austin, in an area beleaguered by an overload of homeless and sometimes hostile people, found a way to get the rowdy's to settle down - operas. Really.

Once they started "cranking up the classics" for the homeless people camped nearby, engagements with 7-11 customers became less frequent and their overall presence at the store dropped. They're not just relaxing and enjoying the music though ...

"Salem", a resident at a nearby homeless camp, is not a fan.

"Absolutely obnoxious and, I don’t know, it’s just a nightmare. Incredibly loud. Two or three times, we have been able to hear it on the other side of the complex,"  - KVUE

7-11 owner Jagat Patel told KVUE  that

"Customers tell us, 'Hey, there is nobody in the parking lot. Nobody came to my window to ask for a dollar.' The customers are saying it’s workin

I'm not sure where he got his info but, Jagat added,

"Studies have shown that classic musical, opera music is annoying and keeps people from congregating."

If this stops working, he can always try Nortenas.

That would get me moving real quick.

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