Get ready for more traffic gridlock this week as Doniphan Drive gets closed down for railroad track repairs beginning tomorrow, August 9, 2021.


Railroad track repairs near Doniphan Drive will temporarily close the street, and motorists will need to follow detours or find an alternate route to avoid the area.

I know it seems like El Paso has been under construction forever and a day, and maybe it has because, honestly, I don't recall driving without some traffic construction happening on one side of the city or another.

While I know that roads must be maintained and rebuilt and what have you, there are days when traffic congestion can get pretty ridiculous at times.

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Having that said, if you frequent the west side during the week, then heads up because Doniphan Drive will be closed starting tomorrow for railroad track repairs.

Doniphan Drive will be closed in both directions from Sunland Park Drive to Racetrack Drive effective Monday, August 9, 2021, to allow BNSF Railway to repair nearby tracks.

The city estimates that the repairs to the railroad tracks will take approximately 2 to 3 days to complete, but keep in mind that the street closure schedule might be modified to allow for unforeseen events or weather conditions.

Proper traffic control measures and detour signage will be in place to direct motorists through an alternate route.

If Doniphan Drive is part of your daily commute, brace yourself, and plan on leaving earlier for your planned destination because crews will be working on the tracks for the next three days, stalling traffic.

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