This weekend my Facebook feed was full of this video of the ocean. Just a video of the waves lapping at the shore. No crazy fishes jumping out at the camera. No mermaid flipping her tail. No Loch Ness monster-type thing just off shore. Just the sounds of the ocean for a minute. Everyone who posted it said that they would just keep hitting play over and over again because they needed the soothing sounds to continue.

I checked out the Facebook page the video originated on, The Beach Is My Happy Place, and it is chock full of soothing ocean videos. Here is El Paso we have a lot of beach, but not water to go along with it, so the sounds of waves are something we don't get to hear unless we are on the interwebs.

I think I'm going to ask Facebook if they can include a loop button so this video can play all night while I sleep.

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