HAVE YOU SEEN? … Links, photos, and videos I came across on the internet today that I thought might interest you as well:

A stage collapse prior to the Sugarland show at the Indiana State Fair Saturday night killed at least five people and injured 43. High winds were to blame for the accident, which occurred after opening act Sara Bareilles had finished her set.

Our sister-station, KLAQ, recently resurrected the Great River Raft Race, but maybe next year they should consider doing something similar to the Bubble Baba Challenge. The object of the Bubble Baba Challenge, held recently in Saint-Petersburg Russia, is to float down the Vuoska River using a sex doll as a floatation device.

I don't know if John Mayer is TRYING to look like Johnny Depp these days, but he's definitely got the look down.

Check out the wacky motorcycle helmets designed to look like a head of hair, a brain and even a butt!

Batman gets his airplane back in "The Dark Knight Rises". This time around, though, it looks more like a military weapon. They did some filming with it on the streets of Pittsburgh the other day, and several people shot video …

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