If you've noticed a strange billboard off of I-10 with the words "Don't Be Bullied" and wondered what it's all about, I'm here to tell you what it's all about.

The billboard off of I-10 East at Copia is the first one I've seen in El Paso, but it's possible that there's more around town. On the billboard, which you can see below, has a link and encourages you to "make an informed choice".

Joanna Barba
Joanna Barba

Well, I checked out CCHFreedom.org, here's what I learned.

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First of all, CCH stands for "Citizens' Council for Health Freedom". CCHF is organized as an independent 501(c)3 national non-profit organization. It was co-founded by CCHF president Twila Brase and Chairman Emeritus Martin Kellogg and incorporated by the State of Minnesota on August 10, 1998. Their mission?

Protect health care choices, individualized patient care and medical and genetic privacy rights.

I also learned that we got the more tame version of the billboard, other billboards include the number of people who have died after taking the vaccine. So, obviously, this is a billboard campaigning for you to "do your own research" on vaccines.

On the actual website, they have what are called "Health Freedom Minute" audio files with titles like "Make Ivermectin Available Over the Counter" and "The Fake FDA Approval of Pfizer Vaccine".

The billboards have launched across other states like Minnesota, Wisconsin and Idaho. The billboard aims to "publicly declare the truth about the Covid-19 'vaccine'".

So, for those who feel like they're being bullied into taking a vaccine, apparently you're not alone here in El Paso, someone had to request to have this billboard up so there must be more out there!

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