We like to watch scary movies, talk about urban legends and recount the ghosts we've seen. Here are a couple of our favorite El Paso area ghosts and some investigations around them...

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    El Paso Playhouse

    The El Paso Playhouse on Montana has been a community theatre for 45 years, and was a church before that. Many of the employees and volunteers have had experiences with unexplained activity such as toilets flushing in the woman’s bathroom when no one is using it, and the sound of whispering near the spotlight and concession areas. Reports of footsteps upstairs and props and keys being moved and placed somewhere else are also common.

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    Ft. Bliss

    Built in the early 1800s, Fort Bliss still uses many old buildings for office space or as housing for its personnel. Because of its past and longevity, Bliss has a long history of reported hauntings.

    Many current and former members of the U.S. Army, their families, and civilian employees can probably tell you stories of strange activities in one building or another on base.

    "This picture was taken early this year, outside the old day care center at Lower Beaumont (the Fred Wilson gate, Ft. Bliss), remember, it's Fort Bliss, you will see a helmet on this ghost, and it's carrying a baby, just focus your attention from the head down, and you can even see the strap from the helmet, the baby is very obvious, just look at the eyes of it, the head is pointing towards the right of the picture, let me know if you can see it. and it's real, no photo shop here." -- Hector

  • De Soto Hotel

    So many people have heard and seen things at the old De Soto Hotel, that investigations had to be launched, which helped bring us this creepy voice captured on tape. You hear a whispered "Who cares?" while the investigators are talking, and then later see a shadowy figure moving. Creepy stuff.

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    El Paso's Google Ghost

    On the North East corner of Louisiana and Silver sits this red brick house. The story is a woman hung herself in the tower-like structure, and now her ghost is said to roam the property. Some say the image circled in red above and this is her ghost captured on Google Maps.So what do you think? Do you know anymore to the story?

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    La Hacienda Ghost

    Excerpts from "Spirits Of The Border: The History And Mystery Of El Paso Del Norte" by Ken Hudnall published in 2003

    Along with the politicians, locals and tourists, it also appears that the La Hacienda has been a favorite haunt for a number of ghosts that have allegedly been seen in and around the restaurant. Some have said that Pancho Villa, himself, has returned to this spot that he seemed to love some much. Several people have said that they have seen him on the patio and in the Pancho Villa Bar, where hangs a copy of his death mask.

    Then there are the many stories about members of the staff seeing plates and silverware that have been placed on the tables move with no one nearby and even fly of the table. Footsteps have clearly been heard when there is no one there who could have possibly made the footsteps. Disembodied voices call the names of various staff members; cold spots are felt and doors open and close with no one nearby.

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