Robert Duvall is one of those actors who is in everything, you know his face, but you might not know his name.  He's a true character actor - he makes you believe every character he ever portrays...

He's been a consigliere in 'The Godfather', 'The Great Santini', and of course, Lt. Col. Kilgore in 'Apocalypse Now', but I love him best as Gus, in 'Lonesome Dove'.  It was an iconic book written by Larry McMurtry in 1985, and then made into a miniseries in 1989.  The whole miniseries was amazing, but this scene with Tommy Lee Jones kills me every time.

Gus is dying and has waited for Call to come find him.  The chemistry between the actors makes you really believe they've been friends and Texas Rangers for decades together.  Happy Birthday Robert Duvall!


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