Betty White is 95 today and she is still alive! Hallelujah! I love Betty White, she starred in one of my favorite shows to watch while growing up, the Golden Girls! Betty White, Rue McClanahan, Bea Arthur and Estelle Getty, boy did they make a great team. All such wonderful ladies and with so much humor, I remember sometimes being in tears from laughing so hard at their antics. To this day I use the expression, "but I digress" because that was a Sofia thing on the show.

But do you remember this classic parody made for an MTV award show back in the "90s? I do! I was recently tagged on Facebook with this video and I was so happy when I saw it because it brought back some laughs and not to mention I am a huge Clueless movie fan as well. So sit back, enjoy a laugh and wish Betty White a happy Birthday! here is one of my favorite videos that she is in.

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