Birthday girl, Kathleen Turner, was one of the sexiest women on the big screen, but Mike didn't know that she also voiced one of the sexiest cartoon characters of all time!

Back in the day, Kathleen Turner was a hottie!  She was the hottie in Body Heat, the hottie in War of the Roses, and she was the hottie in a comedy, The Man With Two Brains, with Steve Martin!

Then, she voiced the role of Jessica Rabbit, hubba hubba, in 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'!

Patty cake pictures!  Oh my!  Roger Rabbit came out in 1988, so some of you young whippersnappers might know the lovely Miss Kathleen for her highlarious role as Chandler Bing's "mom" in 'Friends', but I'll always remember her as Jessica, va-va-voom, Rabbit!

Happy Birthday, Kathleen Turner!