Isabella Rossellini's mom is Ingrid Bergman, the actress who played Ilsa Lund, Humphrey Bogart's lost love in Casablanca.  You may remember this iconic scene:

Ingrid Bergman was luminous!  And in this commercial from Isabella Rosselini's 15 year run with Lancome, you can see the resemblance to her famous mother:

If you ever run across it, you should check out Isabella with Ted Danson in a quirky little movies from the 80's called 'Cousins'.  They play cousins-in-law who fall in love, much to the chagrin of their families.  It's one of those 80's romantic comedies that should have been made-for-tv, but somehow made it to the big screen!

In this scene, their affair has been found out, and Ted Danson decides to sweep Isabella off her feet at the marriage of her mother and Ted's dad.  It's complicated, but really worth watching!

And don't forget to buy tickets to check out her mom, Ingrid Bergman, on the big screen in 'Casablanca' when it hits the Plaza Theater this summer for the Plaza Classic Film Festival, happening August 2 - 12.


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