Holly Hunter is an actress who was super busy in the movies before she went over to tv recently.  She starred in 'Broadcast News', 'The Piano', and one of my top 10 all time favorite movies, 'Raising Arizona'!

She played Edwina 'Ed' McDunnough, a tough no-nonsense cop who falls in love with Nicolas Cage's character, H.I. McDunnough, a really inept crook.  They can't have kids, so they kidnap the child of a rich guy who has had quintuplets.  The family name is Arizona - or is it? - hence the title of the movie, 'Raising Arizona'.  If you haven't seen it, Netflix it.  It is highlariously funny and written by the Coen brothers who also wrote 'Fargo'.  This scene has very little dialogue, but the lines are iconic, and Holly Hunter is a bad mamajamma!

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