We're all under so much stress right now because of the coronavirus outbreak that we need a break. We need to remember happy times. We need to fall in love, but in a pleasant, family-friendly way. We need Christmas movies from the Hallmark Channel.

We're in luck because the Hallmark Channel is rolling out a whole weekend of wholesome, non-racy Christmas movies to take your mind off of coronavirus, COVID-19, self-quarantining, social distancing, and not being able to go grab a beer at a bar or eat at your favorite restaurant.

The best Hallmark Channel Christmas movies are going to be shown all weekend so you can take a breath and watch impossibly pretty people with apartments they could never afford on what their characters make fall in love and kiss each other in a 50s movie type way.

You can get a complete listing of the movies and time by clicking here. Personally I intend to turn on my AC so I can bundle under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and some cookies and pretend like we aren't living in a bad 90s sci-fi movie.

Thank you Hallmark Channel. Not all heroes wear capes.

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