The US government is quickly running up on a budget deadline, and if the Democrat and Republican lawmakers can't come to some sort compromise, things are going to get ugly for a lot of federal employees.  KFOX-TV even spoke to the wife of Fort Bliss soldier who said she's worried about how bills are going to get paid if soldier's paychecks are held up.

The question on a lot of federal employees minds is what will happen if they don't get a paycheck next week.  How will the electric bill be paid, what about rent, or just putting gas in the car to get the kids to school?  Should they start notifying their landlords, utility companies, insurance companies right now that they might not have money next week?  How will they put food on the table?  I'm pretty sure the grocery stores aren't going to be handing out free food. 

So I'm asking the News Directors of KVIA, KTSM, and KFOX to send out your reporters to find out what federal employees should do if the shutdown happens.  Ask the electric, water, and gas companies if they have something in place to help out those federal employees if they should lose their paycheck.  How about apartment landlords?  Is there some way they can be notified so that people aren't charged late fees, or heaven forbid, get evicted?  Could local federal employees be issued some sort of letter so they can show that they are without a paycheck? 

There are so many questions that need to be answered.  Day-to-day life is hard enough without having to face the prospect of working without a paycheck.  Come on El Paso media, get on this story and help out the people who keep our government moving!

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