The thought of cooking a big traditional Thanksgiving meal might scare a few people.

Luckily, we have Google.

As Thanksgiving approaches, some people are already planning out a schedule for cooking. Stores are set up to help shoppers pick out all the ingredients they could possibly need, or want, but sometimes, you just buy things without knowing what to do with them. If that is the case, just type in what you have, then Google will find you just the right recipe.

The clever people at, used Google Trends to create a map of Thanksgiving searches in America. Each state is color coded with the most popular recipe. Coming at the top of the list of searched recipes is pumpkin pie. A close second and dominated the south, is pecan pie. Another trend found in these searches seems to show, not many people know how to bake traditional pies.

Surprisingly, how to cook a turkey, or fry it was not on this list. I am terrified for this year, because my brother wants to fry a turkey. I've never googled a recipe for that, but I have seen plenty of YouTube videos of turkeys catching on fire, while being fried. If anyone knows any good Google recipes for that, feel free to share those.

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