Summer is here and that means a lot of electricity being used to cool down houses that are baking in the El Paso heat. Electricity isn't free so finding out that electric bills will be a little lower really helps a lot.

El Paso Electric announced that customers in Texas are already seeing a decrease on bills because of a previously approved interim fuel refund. That refund was requested by El Paso Electric officials earlier this year in April. Commercial customers will get a one-time credit this month, residential customers will see a monthly savings ranging from $4.57 to $5.43 from June through September of this year.

Hey, that's a venti latte. I'll take it.

El Paso Electric officials say the refund can help a little with your monthly summer electric bill, but you can do a lot to reduce your energy usage during the summer season to further help lower your electric bill:

1. When no one is home, set your thermostat at 78˚ or higher (every degree of cooling increases energy usage six to eight percent).
2. Use ceiling fans and portable fans to help circulate cool air. Use fans at night when you're sleeping and keep your thermostat at 78˚ so it doesn't cycle on as often. The fans will help you stay cool while you sleep.
3. Close interior blinds and curtains to help block the sun and heat during the day.
4. Try to cook, do laundry, or use the dishwasher during cooler times of the day. The heat they generate will only add to the heat in your home.

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