The Neon Desert Music Festival is happening next weekend, but it isn't going to be at San Jacinto Plaza this year. City Council voted to move the festival to another location in downtown El Paso.

City spokesperson Laura Cruz-Acosta said the new location is just south of City Hall at Texas on St. Vrain. Kansas Street will also be part of the footprint. Some downtown business owners said they're glad about the move because parking near their places of business were impacted during the two day event.

The streetcar route also was a problem because one of the main stages used to sit where tracks are now. The City said festival goers can park at the Glory Road parking lot and take the streetcar into downtown to avoid parking hassles during the festival.

The entrance to this year’s festival will be at the intersection of Texas and Campbell streets. There will be parking available at nearby parking garages, but I would use the streetcar. You will not be able to use some roads due to road blocks at Franklin and Campbell, Kansas and Main street, Kansas and Mills, Kansas and Texas, Myrtle and Campbell, Myrtle and Florence, Myrtle and Ochoa, Myrtle and Virginia, Myrtle and St. Vrain, and Texas and St. Vrain.

I know it kinda sucks that the greenspace of San Jacinto won't be available for Neon, but the important part is keeping it downtown and in El Paso. Last year, 16,000 people showed up and it brings in a lot of out-of-towners, so whatever City officials can do to keep Neon Desert in El Paso, they need to do.

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