Facing 10 thousand other hopefuls in a reality tv casting call is about as scary as facing the Great and Powerful Oz, but it doesn't have to be!

On June 23rd, you can find out what goes on behind the curtain of reality tv, and how to get onto a show, by checking out How To Be A Reality TV Star!

This how-to seminar isn't being held in L.A., New York, Chicago, or any other city that is already a player in the entertainment industry. 

It's being held in El Paso, and no other city has ever had a herd of reality tv stars, producers, and movers-and-shakers come to their city to tell people how to get the attention of the people who say, "I want THAT person to be on my reality tv show!"

You can go stand in a line that wraps around a block with 10 thousand other reality tv star wannabe's, or you can check out How To Be A Reality TV Star, June 23rd, at the Wyndham Hotel right here in the EP, and find out how to get behind the curtain and on Reality TV!