Everyone perhaps is entitled to 15 minutes of fame – Perhaps even more when it comes to Reality TV.

As you know KISS-FM is launching it’s first EVER – How To Be A Reality TV Star’ right here in El Paso. Not L.A, not NY, not Miami…it’s here in El Paso!

We are talking Ryan Seacrest and Mark Cuban productions here people!

So to further educate you guys and myself alike I decided to do a bit of digging on-line and here is what I found!

On http://www.becomearealitystar.com/?p=49 it directly states the following which I will attempt to attach a price tag vs. our workshop here in El Paso!

Here is a list to help you get on your way to becoming a reality star:

1.  Move to a major city where there is a lot of casting calls. (Thousands of $’s)

2.  Enroll in acting and vocal classes ($200 per semester if taken a college)

3.  Get a head shot (from an entertainment photographer) ($300+++)

4.  Compose a resume of all your work (hard copy/ digital file) (If you have any prior experience)

5.  Get in touch with a talent agency and casting agent. (You will have to pay these guys too!)

6.  Submit your information online with the reality TV networks that best fit your genre. (Fashion, fitness, history, dating, etc.) (Sometimes these websites charge to upgrade from their free version)

7.  Try to attend any industry parties or events (great networking opportunity). (Mostly Free)

8.  Read/ watch the latest entertainment publications and stay up to date on the Hollywood scene. (TMZ, Perez Hilton, E Entertainment, US Weekly, etc.) (Free)

9.  Get a job in the industry or where industry people hang out doing what ever you can to get your foot in the door. (It may pay you or you may just be an intern)

10.  Never give up.  You never know when your big break will be!

Total Cost = Over thousands of dollars!! OR you could just cut thru it all and attend KISS-FM’s “How To Be A Reality TV Star!” and pretty much accomplish all of the above for only $129!

Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. – Andy Warhol