This spring break, how about getting to know the haunted side of Downtown El Paso with your kids.

The Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society (Ghosts915) is customizing its signature ghost tour on Wednesday, March 15, and making it a family affair.

Wednesday night, March 15, the paranormal experts are putting on a Family Night Ghost Tour designed for families with young children.

According to Henry Flores, Head Ghost Buster in Charge (not an official title), Family Night Ghost Tour is a kid-friendly two-hour walking tour intended to thrill and educate the little ones, not scare them into staying up at night.

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Flores says prospective paranormal investigators and their moms and dads will learn about some of Downtown El Paso's historic locations and their reported haunting and ghostly sightings, including the strange happenings at the Wigwam Museum, the paranormal group's headquarters.

But it's not all Casper the Friendly Ghost stuff either. For example, an active EVP session will be conducted in the museum. An active session entails a digital voice recorder and the investigator asking questions to the spirit world, in hopes of receiving a response. Some of the most common responses are knocking, banging, tapping, or whispers.

Sounds like spooky fun to us!

Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society Facebook

What: Family Night Ghost Tour
When: Wednesday, March 15
What Time: 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Where: Meet at the Wigwam Museum, 110 E San Antonio.
How Much: $7 (5 and under free). Under 18 MUST be accompanied by adult.
More Details: Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society Facebook