On Mondays, El Paso County Commisioners have their regular weekly meeting.  Darren called me around noon to tell me that the Commish's were asked if they would allow the courthouse to be ghostbusted.  The group isn't our friends over at RIPS EP, but the funniest thing happened when they started talking about the potential ghostbusting.

El Paso County Courthouse

The lights went out!  Darren said the guy from Ghost-EP was talking when all the sudden, the lights just went out.  He said everyone kind of chuckled nervously and the lights did go back on.  Check out the story on kfoxtv.com.

I know I said Darren told me about it, but he got pulled off Commish to go cover another story.  But my good friend Liz O'Hara, KFOX's News Director,and former anchor extraordinaire, was smart to put it up online - which is where I stolded it from!