I just went to jury duty for the first time in my life. I got a letter in the mail, filled out the jury duty form, returned it, and got an email from the County that told me when my jury duty date would be. I never once got a phone call, but the El Paso County Sheriff’s office says someone is calling people and trying to get money out of them for supposedly missing jury duty.

EPCSO officials the person calls them and says they are Det. Paul Cross of the Sheriff’s Department. "Det. Cross" says there is a warrant for arrest for the person for Jury Duty Non-Attendance. The caller tells the victim to buy a Money Trax card, sometimes two. The amounts requested have been different, but in some cases, the caller has asked for up to $987.00.

The scammer then tells the victim to meet him at 3850 Justice Rd. or 500 E. San Antonio in order to give him the money card so that the warrant can be paid off. Once the cards are purchased, the scammer tells the victim he cannot meet and gets the victim to give him the serial numbers on the money cards so the warrant can be taken care of. Once the scammer has the numbers, that's all they need and the victim is out the money, but still has the card.

County officials say they will never call anyone by phone to let them know they missed Jury Duty. If you get a call like this one, immediately call the El Paso Police Department non-emergency number at 915-832-4400 and the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number at 915-546-2282.

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