We all know what a treat westside traffic is. Drivers get to deal with construction in various places throughout the UTEP area, school is back in session so that means parents and UTEP students crowding the streets, you've got machaca-crazed people barreling down Mesa to get to Lucy's as soon as they get off the air (ok, that one is me so stay out of my way), and now, you'll have to deal with a three-week stretch of lane closures.

Beginning tomorrow, Thursday October 17, Mesa Street will be narrowed down to one lane for southbound traffic between Alethea Park Drive and Kern Place Drive. The closure will last for approximately three weeks. El Paso Water is going to be working in the area to remove and replace an aging water line. Kern Place a century old pipes have to be replaced so that they don't explode through the street or start leaking and cause damage to other infrastructure.

The affected lanes will be closed Mondays - Fridays (oh good because that will make the work week easier) from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. All lanes will reopen after 4 p.m. and close again at 9 a.m. in order to accommodate rush hour traffic.

El Paso Water officials say that this project is part of their efforts to improve and enhance the reliability of our water systems throughout the city. If you would like more information on this this project, you can contact El Paso Water Project Manager Fred Hernandez at (915) 258-9376. You can also check out their website for other projects that are coming up.

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