Who doesn't remember going to a PACKED and STACKED McGees where Wildhorse stands or Dallas Night Club at the old Grahams Central Station use to be in the AWESOME circular dance floor with the WESTERN TUNES of George Strait!

We "Unwound" with the one we loved or "Nobody In His Right Mind Would Leave Her" or how 'bout "Ace in the Hole" LOVE IT!!!!  The band is getting you as close to the MAN himself!

Get your BESTIES together and blow off the dust from your Urban Cowboy Hat from the closet and get your tail over for some food and Cocktails with the Abe Mac band opening up around 7:30 then the Tribute Band hits the stage around 9ish p.m. on Thursday, August 31 hosted at Speaking Rock and did I say it's FREE!

For now I need to hear this one thanks OutLawBlues1 with ALLLLLL MY EXs LIVE where, where, where…?!



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