The coronavirus has a lot of things closed down for the time being. Schools, universities, malls, restaurants, and recreational spaces like parks and golf courses. I live near a golf course that has about a dozen geese living on the property. They're really beautiful birds but I usually only see them when Darren and I go for a walk around the neighborhood. On Sunday afternoon, however, one of the gooses decided to go walkabout (Crocodile Dundee reference, Google it kids) and showed up in front of my neighbor's houses.

Because this goose is usually surrounded by golfers and a fair amount of noise and distraction seven days a week, we think that he must have gotten worried about the humans and decided to investigate. It really was an amazing sight to see a huge goose just wandering around the neighborhood with no fear of humans. In the video you don't see all the neighbors standing around taking pictures, but there had to have been at least ten people watching nature finding a way. The goose, we believe, made it back to the golf course where I hope he stays. Cars go a lot faster than golf carts, and as you can hear, Mike has other ideas for geese in this era of coronavirus.

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