Do you have one of those popular neighborhoods all the kids show up to for trick-or-treating? Make it fun for the kids and for you with a good old fashion prank! Here are some that are easy to do and pretty funny.

This is a classic prank but it works every time! Dress up someone by the front door to look like a fun Halloween prop and when the kids come up to get their treat give them a trick too! Check out this video of the Scream character giving the kids a real scream.

The next video has compiled a list of some pranks perfect for Halloween. One on the list is perfect for when someone thinks they're alone and surprising them and getting some screams out of them. And Of course pranks involving chocolate covered onions and making the shower rain blood. I guarantee you can find something in this video to scare the pants off of your victims! Muahahahah!

Check out what Halloween festivities are in store for El Paso!



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