El Paso's long, rich, and haunted history rivals that of any city in America. The list of places either alleged to be or well documented as haunted is long.

If you like listening to ghost stories, exploring spooky locations, and hearing all about our haunted history and the famous people who've lived here -- and maybe still do -- then meet up with one of these El Paso paranormal groups and check out the paranormal side of El Paso.

  • El Paso Ghost Tours Facebook
    El Paso Ghost Tours Facebook

    El Paso Ghost Tours

    420 E. San Antonio Ave

    Tours start with a walk through downtown El Paso where you'll learn about the historical architecture, and the famous and infamous figures and gunfights. The evening culminates in a real paranormal investigation inside the notoriously haunted De Soto Hotel. [More Info]

  • Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society Facebook
    Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society Facebook

    Ghosts915 – Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society

    110 E San Antonio Ave – (915) 274-9531

    Painted Ladies Brothel Tour and the Chinatown Ghost Tour are two featured downtown walks of mysteries and ghosts this month. [Events List + More Info]

  • Lost El Paso Paranormal
    Lost El Paso Paranormal

    Lost El Paso Paranormal

    ( 915) 503 - 8960

    Tours this month by El Paso's only ghost tour group featuring fully-costumed theatrical tour guides include the Original Ghosts & Gravestones Tour at Concordia Cemetery and an adults only Red Light Ghost Walk [Events List + More Info]

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