Freeway Carpets is at it again.

The local flooring business known for its offbeat and often-times controversial outdoor sign postings appears to be taking a dig at YISD Superintendent Xavier De La Torre with its latest public jeer.

"Mirror Mirror on the Wall," reads the board. "Who's the most D***licious YISD-stud of All?"

The rhetorical question seems to be a not-so-subtle reference to the superintendent's scandalous relationship with a district employee that went public after his now ex-wife posted about it on Facebook.

The blurred out word, in case you haven't figured out, is often used to informally address someone named Richard, as well as a vulgar euphemism used to describe someone considered to be rude or a jerk. And since Dr. De La Torre's first name is Xavier, then I'm guessing they were going for the derogatory term.

I know this business has a reputation of using its board for commentary on controversial topics, and more often than not I find their cheeky takes lighthearted and amusing, as I do this one.

But maybe the use of "d***licious" was a bit much? Perhaps they could have come up with a less inappropriate word to get their humorous point across.