For almost a year now, El Paso area kids and their parents have been dealing with a hybrid school situation that hasn't worked for anyone. Kids are going back to school, not they're not, let's do Zoom classrooms, but some kids need to come back so you'll have a choice, COVID rates are too high so everyone stay home. That pretty much covers it, no?

Well, now County and area school district officials say that students will begin to be let back on campus for in-classroom learning, but parents who spoke to a local news station say it's a bonehead idea.

On Monday, El Paso Public Health Authority Dr. Hector Ocaranza said school districts could start bringing students back to class next Tuesday but it will be the youngest students who will be returning to campus first. Ocaranza said that's because evidence shows that younger kids don't get as sick when infected with COVID-19 and they don't spread the virus as readily.

Parents, however, weren't having it. One parent said that kids touch their masks all the time and it's make sure that they wash their hands properly.

Personally, I have other reasons for thinking this is a dumb idea.

We already know that the Texas Education Agency kind of considers this year a wash. Fifth and eighth graders won't have to worry about the outcome of their STAAR test this year. The test will still be given in the spring but this year students in those grades won't be held back if they don't pass. They will still be given an A - F grade, but they won't get held back if they don't pass. Teachers also know that so many students are struggling with their grades that even those have been relaxed, and then there's the on-again, off-again dance of going back to campus that we've been playing since Spring Break in 2020.

There are parents who need in-classroom learning for work, but the TEA pushing schools to get butts in seats by holding tax money over their heads is shameful. Kids and parents have enough stress on their plates. Our local City, County, and school district officials should petition to have schools open for those parents who need them, get our teachers and administrators vaccinated, and start fresh in the fall. This is just plain ridiculous.

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