As most parents know, there is nothing harder to corral than a hungry kid. Kids need food but if they are at school for extra-curricular activities, it might be hours before they can get home to grab a bite to eat. If your kids go to Bowie or El Paso high schools, or Bassett or Magoffin middle schools, they will be able to get free meals after school.

Children’s Kingdom Café is providing the after school meals for any child between the ages of 1 - 18 at the campuses. The El Paso Herald Post says each meal includes a grain, vegetable, fruit, milk and protein, and there are a variety of hot and cold meals available. A lot students who are in sports after school take advantage of the program because, as one student pointed out, "You can't practice on an empty stomach.”

Children's Kingdom says they hope to expand their program and provide more free meals to students and children in El Paso. I was extremely lucky when I was growing up, I didn't have to worry about where my next meal was coming from, and as I got older, I felt like programs were a waste of taxpayer money. That all changed when a co-worker told me that if programs like this didn't exist, she and her siblings would have gone hungry.

Gone hungry.

I cannot imagine a more horrifying fate than being hungry and not knowing when you were going to eat again. Thank heavens for programs like Children's Kingdom Cafe. No one should ever go hungry. They are to be commended for their work.

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