Another live-action movie from Disney will be released later this year that will feature a Las Cruces shelter dog! Now that all the Lion King hype is over with, we can look forward to the new live-action Disney film coming soon! This fall Disney will be releasing another live-action film for Lady and The Tramp. A Las Cruces shelter dog had been transferred to HALO Animal Rescue in Phoenix in 2018.

After the shelter dog transferred it went all uphill from there! The dog landed the leading role in the upcoming live-action Disney flick Lady and The Tramp. Which means the former Las Cruces shelter dog will be playing Monte in the Disney film. Monte's voice will be voiced over by Justin Theroux. The remake is set to be released on Tuesday, November 12. You can also see the other animals and who their voice-overs will be performed by above. This story will warm your heart knowing a former Las Cruces shelter dog was rescued and now has paw-pular status!

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