Former El Pasoan, Jonathan Nichols was getting flooded with texts about music and women sending sexy pics when he realized something just wasn't right with his new phone number. 

Seattle lawyer and former El Pasoan Jonathan Nichols recently got himself a new Verizon phone but didn't bother routing over his old number, which was the first mistake. Verizon assigned him a new number and then the chaos ensued.


Nichols received hundreds of texts and picture messages on August 12th, which happens to be the rapper's birthday, then he put the two together.  Before that he received hopeful wannabe rapper beats and lyrics asking if he could take a listen to tell them what he thought. He was so confused then it all became clear. His new number was that of rapper Sir-Mix-A-Lot. The "Baby Got Back" man himself!

After all the confusion was figured out,he decided to keep the number. He said he liked having a quirky fact that he could share at parties.




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