A Texas teen was given an unforgettable concert by Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine after her illness caused her to miss the concert.

Florence Welch made a young fan's dreams come true after performing for her at her bedside in the hospital. The British pop star went to the Hospice Austin's Christopher House in Austin, Texas where she gave an intimate performance for 15 year-old Karinya Chen.

According to a Facebook post by Hospice Austin,

We have a patient who held long cherished tickets to see Florence and The Machine last night with her BFF. All week through set back after set back she asked if she would be able to go. We tried to entertain the idea and it felt so scary and overwhelming for the medical staff and her mother that finally I said no, and my heart broke again. And then, through a remarkable team effort on the part of Christopher House and Hospice Austin Staff, we were able to make contact with Florence.

Florence and her bandmate Rob Ackroyd came to Chen's bedside and performed two songs for the teen and her friends. According to Christie Kramer, a nurse practitioner at Hospice Austin, Chen's mother was nervous if Florence would show up. Once she laid her eyes on the singer, she broke down into tears. Florence hugged the mother before she went in to meet her daughter.

 Check to the two videos to see the performance.