Partying your face off is a lot of fun. Partying your face off and getting behind the wheel of your car is a really bad idea. Five people found that out Tuesday morning when they were arrested for DUI.

Yup, these folks partied like it was 1999 on a Monday night into Tuesday morning.

It was 1:00 o’clock Tuesday morning when El Paso police pulled over the first alleged drunk driver in East El Paso. Three minutes later, they caught up with another one in the Mission Valley area.

Six minutes after that, there was a DUI arrest in Northeast El Paso. At 2:30, a fourth person was nabbed, and the fifth was pulled over and arrested around 3:10 in the morning in West El Paso.

Police say they got one of the drivers because they were driving 60 mph in a 30 mph zone. Another one was crawling along US 54 at 15 mph, which is a 60 mph zone.

People, if you’re going to go out, call a cab when you’re ready to go home. A first time DUI charge can run you upwards of $12,000! You’re looking at huge fees for DUI classes, a huge jump in your car insurance rates, a license reinstatement fee, plus a whole bunch of other fees that you’ll have to pay.

Put a taxi cab number in your cell phone so they can take your drunk butt home so you can keep your money in your pocket, and not going to lawyers, the State of Texas, and a tow truck company because you said, "Nah, man, I'm fine to drive."

Don't drink and drive.