One woman has begun her journey to help educate El Pasoans on a disorder that affects one in five Americans.

Griselda Oaxaca, who was diagnosed with dyslexia at 28,  has officially opened up El Paso's first Dyslexia clinic on the west side. Dyslexia is a disorder "that makes it had for people to read, interpret symbols and write," according to

The Dyslexia Institute of America was created to educate people who may not know what or how to deal with dyslexia. It also focuses to help those who do have a daily struggle of living with the disorder. 

Oaxaca's method for helping those who attend the clinic focuses on forex, orthography, remediation with cognitive extensions, and computer programs. The goal of this clinic is to educate the community about the signs and effects of dyslexia, along with increasing resources to help those who struggle on a daily basis.

As Oaxaca lives with dyslexia, she hopes she can be an example to others diagnosed with the disease to continue to pursue their goals, just like she did.

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