The Holiday

You are enamored with the romance of the season. If you’re single this is the time of year where you cave in and actually wish you were cuffed. If you're in a relationship (and even if you’re not) you take full advantage of the holidays months. Even if it’s warm outside you bust out the scarves and ugg boots and are the most festive of the bunch. You are the planner and will be hosting a few events at your place filled with loved ones and presents.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Christmas isn’t your favorite holiday so you make it appeal to you in a way that others may not. You go with the flow but you're more enchanted with your lost interest rather than being in the holiday spirit. The apple of your eye is your main focus for the winter months and you romance him/her with dates, gifts & kisses. This is the type of love that mimics the perpetual obsession between Gomez & Morticia Addams.

A Christmas Story

You are all about family. Old fashioned, warm chestnuts roasting on an open fire seems to be your style. You prefer the classic holiday hits by Frank Sinatra and Billie Holiday, hanging stockings and sitting down together for Christmas dinner!

Home Alone

The holidays are fun but you aren’t in charge of the whole thing. You prefer to show up and add your touch of holiday spirit to whatever the matriarch of your Christmas experience has already put together. Mariah Carey “All I want for Christmas” is on repeat because you love the season but you definitely prefer to dress up, show up and eat! Planning and coordinating is not for you.


You are all about giving. Getting gifts is fun but you live for making the younger people around you happy during the Christmas Season. You don’t mean to one-up anyone but you are the best gift giver and are always out to blow everyone’s mind with the gifts you give! Fun is the top priority for you even if it means dressing up as Santa himself to capture the moment to look back on for following years.

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