I’m gonna be completely honest. I do not like scary movies because I like enjoy my life like….I like to feel good; meaning that if I don’t have to feel unnecessary adrenaline, I won’t. I freakin’ love halloween but like “cute halloween” or “slutty halloween” but never exorcist halloween. No thank you! Haha! So check out this list of cute halloween movies for you and date or you and the kids or whatevz to put you in the spirit of things. Sometimes, I don’t even really watch them but just set them up as background noise while I do other halloween nonsense like carve pumpkins, bake pumpkin cookies, put together a pumpkin pie, research pumpkin spice recipes or google how to bring people back from the dead, lol just kidding.

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is obviously a cult classic and you cannot skip it any time October comes. 3 silly witches torment children threatening their existence.

The Addams Family

Who doesn't want a romance like Gomez & Morticia and how uncomfortable are those sweet scenes where those two can't get enough of each other? It’s perfect! The broadway play was at the Plaza theatre a few years back and revived my love of The Addams Family! So many creepy laughs throughout this film!


The Nightmare Before Christmas

Who doesn’t love a cute afterlife animated love story? Jack & Sally are referenced in pop culture so much like think Blink 182’s song ‘I Miss You.’


Speaking of halloween movies with a Christmas touch this film is about these little annoy monsters and reproduce when they get wet. What a mess for the owner that receives the 1st gremlin as a gift and accidentally spawns a ton of new monsters after having water spilled on it’s back!


Ok, so maybe my halloween selection include a lot of romance. Anyway, Bella and Edward’s romance and then Bella and Jake’s romance like how are we all ok with this chick falling in love with two dudes and us romanticising it but it’s so good. The Twilight franchise is a favorite of mine because it has creepy suspensful moments but it’s not like a terror film making it the perfect amount of creepster for my halloween movies taste.


White Chicks

So I know that White Chicks isn’t a halloween movie but how can you get enough of that stupid laugh that they do when the boys are dressed up in drag. Can somebody take them laughing and just loop it for 5 minutes and upload that to youtube pls? Anyhow, all of my recommendations are on Netflix right now except for Hocus Pocus! Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

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