The Federal Bureau of Investigations is not letting the COVID-10 pandemic stop its efforts to hire and recruit out of El Paso.  While the hiring process has been altered in order to adapt to the social distancing requirements resulting from coronavirus, the FBI is still looking to add to its ranks.  They are even holding virtual meet and greets in order to increase interest.

In addition to the usual high-profile positions of special agents, intelligence analysts, and surveillance, the FBI is also looking to add members with expertise in arts and communications, accounting, and STEM.  Expect to be able to pass a thorough background check, fitness test, and drug screenings though.

On a side note, if you currently have federal student loans and have a career with the FBI in your sights, make sure not to default on them as doing so will automatically disqualify you from consideration for employment.  Also, don’t cheat on your taxes or fail to file them altogether, and for god’s sake, keep paying that child support and don’t try and overthrow the government (really, that’s on the list of automatic disqualifiers).

The FBI obviously wants to hire people of high character so doing the simple things required for being a good human being will work in your favor.

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