Last April the Texas-based on-demand delivery service, Favor, announced that they were looking to hire their very first Chief Taco Officer.

Taco lovers were asked to apply for this dream job and they would be required to travel across Texas to search for the best tacos all while documenting it on social media.

That dream job was given to one lucky Texan, Chris Flores, and for the past several month’s Chris has been traveling across Texas tasting delicious tacos and sharing his thoughts on his social media account.

Chris is from San Antonio, Texas and is a full-time content creator and San Antonio foodie! 

His Instagram, @eatmigos, has over 43,000 followers and his content will sure make someone hungry.

"I love Texas because of the melting pot of different cultures that have migrated here and adopted the taco into their cuisine," said Chris Flores, Favor's Chief Taco Officer.

Chris has been documenting his trip across Texas on his social media pages as well as on Favor’s social media accounts.

Chris has stopped by Texas cities including Dallas, Austin, and most recently he made a stop here in El Paso!

What’s up, El Paso?! Our Chief Taco Officer, @eatmigos, is in Chuco Town for some unique Mexican food at @cazaresburritos,” Read the post on Favor’s Instagram.

Now, burritos aren’t exactly tacos but honestly… who cares!

Chris stopped by Cazares Burritos located at 5362 Doniphan and ate some of their delicious burritos which included a Chile Relleno burrito and now I’m hungry!


Where else did Chris stop by in El Paso for some amazing tacos? Follow Favor and Chris’ social media accounts to see if he stopped by your favorite El Paso taco spot!

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