Farrah Abraham got confused during a conversation with one of the many paparazzo she now calls friends. In a conversation that was supposed to be about her new diet pill endorsement deal, someone said the word "testing."

And given her recent exploits, her mind went places most wouldn't.

When a TMZ camera got in Abraham's face and asked about the laboratory testing of her Raspberry Tones supplement, she looked like a plastic deer in headlights and began stammering.

"Of course! I take health and safety very seriously," she said firmly. "I don't have sex at all, so when James and I ... I made sure he got tested, he was already safe and those things, so I felt secure being with him."

Once she got the jist that the actual question was about the dietary supplement and not STDs, her answer didn't make much more sense.

"It's something that's really happy for me, because it's healthy, and I cook a lot, and fitness and all these things I juggle, so I'm happy about that."

At the end, at least she admitted what we already knew: "I don't know what I'm talking about."

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