The City of El Paso has been putting in roundabouts in a lot of busy intersections over the past few years. There is one on Alameda by UMC, one leading into UTEP off of I-10 west, and now there is another one planned for the heavily traveled far east side intersection of Rich Beem and Edgemere.

City officials say there will be a bicycle and pedestrian crosswalk and the roundabout will be landscaped. Residents in the neighborhood which is a few blocks away from El Dorado High School say they don't think a roundabout will solve the problems at the intersection. Many say traffic lights would be a better fix for the intersection which currently has a stop sign.

One resident told ABC 7 that roundabouts are 'a bit foreign', and he would rather see traffic lights. There have been a lot of people on social media who say that the City needs to be more proactive about public service announcements on how to use roundabouts.

A construction date for the 2 million dollar project has not been set.

Check out how to use a roundabout in the video above.

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