Mommmmmm!  I'm bored!  If you're kid yells that one more time this summer, make him recreate a Vincent Van Gogh masterpiece in dominos!  That'll keep him busy!

A youtube video done by a guy known as 'Flippycat' recreates the famous 'Starry, Starry Night' canvas by Vincent Van Gogh, and then destroys it when he makes the dominos fall!  It is super cool to watch the time lapse video as the artist lets us in on what it took to accomplish art in dominos.

And this isn't the first time he has recreated art in dominos.  A while back he recreated the Mona Lisa, which he called the 'Domona Lisa'!  It's amazing, too!

So when your kids start complaining about having nothing to do, run to the toy store, grab a bucket or ten of dominos, and tell them to make you famous on youtube!

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