Mt. Cristo Rey is an El Paso landmark that is both hallowed and harrowing. There are a number of accounts of people being set upon by robbers as they make their way up the mountain to pray at the base of the statue of Jesus Christ. Border Patrol agents have even been attacked in the past. That is why officials say you should never go alone, and you should probably only go when there is an official hike planned and there is a law enforcement presence.

This weekend, a family learned the hard way that those are good warnings to heed.

Sunland Park officials say a family was hiking up the mountain on their way to the top on Sunday morning when they were robbed and assaulted by two men. Two family members were hurt, but were taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

Sunland Park police are now looking for the two men who are suspected in the assault and robbery.

Mount Cristo Rey was closed on Sunday, but it will reopen in time for next week’s pilgirimage.