I believe cats are misunderstood creatures but this one might just be crazy. Lux, the 22 pound himalayan cat, attack his family and forced them to take cover in a bedroom. This cat really hates Mondays.

A Portland family had to call 911 after their family cat Lux, attacked a 7-month-old child and continued to be hostile towards the family. Lee Palmer, his girlfriend Teresa and son, Jesse, gathered in the bedroom to get away from the crazy cat. Everytime they tried to leave, the cat would continue to charge them, which you can hear in the audio below.

Portland police arrived on scene to find the massive cat retreating to the kitchen, resisting arrest. The officers managed to capture the cat and free the family from his claws.

"It's only funny when it's not happening to you," said Teresa Barker, with a laugh. "When this happens to you, I assure you, you will do the same thing."

As a owner of five cats, they can get pretty evil but they are just so cute! Luckily, the family is okay but Palmer's man card has been revoked.