If you were in Las Cruces recently you might have caught a dad and his daughter who were asking for money in a unique way, but apparently it's all part of a scam. The dad and daughter duo say that the daughter is a violin prodigy and they need money, that's why they're out in parking lots playing for the public, but it turns out that there are other scammers all over the country doing the same thing.

A local news station reported on the dad/daughter scam and said that the father even admits on camera that his daughter's skill is fake and that the whole thing is a scam. There is no word on what the pair planned to do with the money but the sign the dad was holding says that they needed the money in order to get home. The pair in the story was recorded at an Albertson's parking lot in Cruces, but one of the anchors said that he saw the family in El Paso at Zaragoza, so apparently they really get around.


I Googled "fake violin playing scam" and this news story out of Tampa Bay about a couple who was caught hustling people in Florida by pretending to play a violin for money was one of pages of scams with the same theme. The news report says that Tampa Bay police believe that this scam is part of a nationwide scam that is raking in a lot of money. It's up to you if you donate to these people, but just be aware that they aren't just playing the violin, they are playing you.

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