If you have seen a video on Facebook of what looks like a young girl performing oral sex on a man, Facebook and law enforcement is warning that you should not share it. I can't imagine why you would share it, but what you should do is report it to the police and Facebook and then delete it immediately from your page. Some people are apparently sharing the video in the hopes that they can help the little girl, but if you share it, you could be charged with disseminating child pornography.

It appears that the video originated in Alabama but has been shared nationally. There was some word that the child and the man had been found, but that apparently isn't the case. It's not even know how old the video is. The most important thing to know is, if you see this video, or others like it, on you Facebook feed, you need to notify local police and Facebook and then immediately delete it from your page.

This is it, folks. We are living in the end of days. People are sick pieces of trash. God help that little girl.

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