Wearing face masks or face coverings is not mandatory in El Paso, but it is something that could happen if we don't flatten the curve on the coronavirus outbreak numbers in our city. Mayor Dee Margo told Mike and Tricia Mornings listeners on Friday that the possibility is on the table.

El Paso City and County officials say that the coronavirus outbreak in El Paso isn't an easy thing to manage because of the close proximity of Juarez. New orders from the Chihuahua Governor might make managing things a little easier. Governor Javier Corral not only extended Chihuahua's stay-at-home order to May 30, but he also made the wearing of face masks mandatory in public. Corral also said that Juarez residents should stay at home and only leave if they need to go to an essential business like a grocery store. If you go outside for any reason, you are required to wear a face mask, and at this time, only two people are allowed in a vehicle at a time. Public buses can only carry 50% of their stated capacity, and workers have to maintain at least 5 feet of social distancing.

Corral also updated which businesses are considered essential and which are not. "Essential industrial activities" with more than 50 employees are allowed to remain open as long as they operate within health protection measures.
Schools in Mexico are closed and a national home-schooling program began today with math, Spanish, art and other lessons being show on tv because of the lack of internet service in large areas of the state.

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