My little town of Fabens has recently been in the news headlines for a cruel incident. According to, on Sunday, at least 20 vehicles were damaged by rocks, thrown by unknown people hiding in the desert. The reported incidents happened near I-10 by mile marker 49, the Fabens exit.

A few of those whose cars were hit by "baseball sized rocks" attempted to chase the suspects, but they got away on all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). Reports of several suspects have allegedly been caught on camera at a local convenience store and the Sheriff's office is asking people to report any information about them.

Here's the thing. Fabens residents have been calling with information to stop the madness of these ATV riders in the community. Some Fabens residents have recently took to social media to share their frustration with the Sheriff's office, who say they can't do anything about the kids riding around the town, in the streets (which is illegal).

According to a resident who spoke to the Sheriff's office about his anger with the kids riding ATVs, the Sheriff's office has a "no pursuit" policy when it comes to these types of situations. Now I understand the danger that comes with chasing these kids, but they are already putting themselves and others in danger, riding around our little town.

They speed through streets, almost getting themselves hit by vehicles or causing other vehicles to swerve out the way. Now the streets of Fabens usually have people walking around, which leads to a huge hazard of pedestians being hit. I walk my dog around the block and have to face the danger of these reckless kids disregarding any safety of driving those ATVs on sidewalks and streets. I attempted to record one kid who drove by me last night, but he was going too fast and it was already pretty dark.

Emily Slape
Emily Slape

The Fabens community has attempted to put a stop to the use of ATVs in dangerous situations, but have been ignored by the Sheriff's office. It has to take a news report for them to start asking for help to stop this. Something can/has to be done, I just think some people don't care enough to do it.

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