Monika sits down with new KISS-FM artist Brynn Elliot in an exclusive interview you’ll only see here.

Brynn Elliot was our invited guest artist for the Taste of El Paso After Party at Mesa Street Grill this past Thursday, November 8, 2018.

Brynn Elliot and I spent the early afternoon checking out some of El Paso’s sights including El Paso High School and having an early dinner at L&J Café where she claimed that she felt robbed all her life after eating such authentic Mexican cuisine. Soon after we headed to Mesa Street Grill where she performed a few tunes including her latest hit single, Might Not Like Me and then we both sat down to talk about how she got her start, almost ghosting on Harvard and what’s up next for the future. I can’t say enough about how incredibly talented, funny and down to earth Brynn is – Keep a look out because you’ll be hearing and seeing a whole lot more of her come 2019.

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