El Paso Independent School District High Schools will allow fans to actually attend football games in a limited capacity beginning in October.

EPISD will also do their Senior Nights for football players, cheerleaders, and marching band members for football games held from October 1 through thru October 3 with only those students’ families being allowed to attend.

Come October 8, more fans will be allowed to attend high school football games up until the stadium reaches its limited capacity level.

While EPISD will allow fans at these outdoor football games, indoor sports for such as volleyball will still be limited to only school administrators, players, trainers, and others that are directly involved with the game.  EPISD also recently cancelled away games against YISD campuses recently due to them allowing fans to attend indoor games.

I understand that an outdoor stadium will allow for more social distancing than a school gym would but I’m sure that those indoor sports athletes would love to have the same opportunity to at least play in front of their family.  Hopefully, they’ll get that same opportunity before their season ends.

It sometimes gets drowned out among the sea of pandemic related and sometimes political noise, but it’s for reasons like those just mentioned above that I wear my mask and carry hand sanitizer around.  In the end, taking those safety measures don’t cause me any harm and if it helps improve things  enough so that these kids have the same experiences and rights of passage that we never had to worry about being taken away on a large scale, then I’ll continue doing so.

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