There is some good news out of the El Paso Independent school district – they are not proposing a tax increase, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be paying more to the district in property taxes.

Trustees voted to keep the proposed tax rate at last year's 1.23 percent, but property values around the district have gone up, so that means on average, property taxes will go up almost nine dollars for EPISD homeowners.

The school board also decided to increase the salaries for district hourly employees. The board approved a pay increase from 7.75 an hour to 10.10 an hour.

The board will take a vote on the proposed tax rate at next month's meeting, but don’t get all excited about the proposed tax rate staying the same because it could still go up.

The board still has to make a decision about holding a bond election later this year that, if passed, would increase property taxes. That might be why they decided to not increase the tax rate.